Many CSES students participate in undergraduate research during their time at VT. It is highly encouraged to do undergraduate research during your time at VT, especially if you are planning to attend graduate school. Below you will find some of the departments, labs, and institutes where students have participated in undergraduate research in the past:

Environmental Microbiology Lab at VT
Remote Sensing – Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science (PPWS) Department (Dr. David McCall) – VT
Civil and Environmental Engineering Department in Environmental Biotechnology and the Bioenergy Lab – VT
Biology Department – VT
Dairy Cattle Nutrition (Dr. Mark Hanigan – Dairy Science) – VT
Soybean Genetics Lab (Dr. Saghai Maroof – CSES) – VTPlant Physiology Lab Assistant for Dr. Ervin and Zhang
National Science Foundation at the Carey Lab in the Biological Sciences Department – VT
Permafrost thawing in Alaska
Comparing soil microbial health of different grazing methods (Dr. Ben Tracy – CSES) – VT
Examining microbial utilization of low molecular weight carbon root exudates (Dr. Michael Strickland – Biology) – VT
SURF-REU at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi campus
REU at Iowa State
Powell River Project (Dr. Ozzie Abaye – CSES) - VT

Diversity & Inclusion in the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences – Dr. Drape (ALCE)

Quantifying Microbial Respiration with Fluorscent Dye – Dr. Ryan Stewart (CSES)

12-Month Sheep Grazing Systems & Lamb Finishing on Pasture Systems – Dr. Ozzie Abaye (CSES)

Life Cycle Assessment of Western Virginia Water Authority – Dr. Sean McGinnis (Green Engineering)

Posttranslational regulation of floral scent biosynthesis – Dr. Dorothea Tholl (BIOL)

Forcing Asparagus Crowns to Produce Spears Indoors during Winter to Extend the Production Season – Dr. Gregory Welbaum

Hydraulic Properties of Lateral and Vertically Developed Spodic Soils in a Temperate Forest – Dr. Kevin McGuire

Lawn Care Programming for Virginia Beach – Dr. Erik Ervin

Occurrence and environmental chemistry of emerging contaminants in urban streams – Dr. Kang Xia

Honey Bee Nutrition and Colony Health – Dr. Carlyle Brewster

Measuring Lead and Heavy Metals in Peat Wetlands – Dr. John Galbraith

Systems thinking and modeling for improved soil management – Dr. Steven Hodges