Why do an Internship?

The Department of Crop & Soil Environmental Sciences highly encourages its students to participate in at least one internship during their time at Virginia Tech. Here are just a few reasons to do an internship:

  • Great way to gain experience and “try-on” a career
  • Employers like to see internships on a recent grads resume and some require it for prospective candidates
  • Many internships turn into a job!
  • You can learn skills that you don’t get in the classroom
  • A way to network with people already in the field – most jobs are found through NETWORKING!!!

How to Find an Internship

There are multiple ways to find an internship:

  • Many internship opportunities are sent directly to CSES faculty and staff which we then pass along to our students through the ENSC and CSS student list servs. So be sure to check your email daily so you don’t miss out on a posting!
  • The CALS site for Jobs and Careers provides numerous links to employment opportunities, so be sure to check it out
  • Hokies4Hire (H4H) is VT’s official job listing website that includes internship postings.
  • Many students find internships by contacting companies, agencies, nonprofits, etc. directly and creating their own internship.
  • There are many internship programs related to your field of study. We have created a list of programs that we are aware of but do not limit yourself to these programs, there are many more available which you can often find by doing an online search.
  • If you need assistance with your internship search you can make an appointment with Career Services or meet with the CSES Student Support Coordinator, Jen Stewart (contact information on the right-side column).