Minors within Crop & Soil Sciences

Crop & Soil Sciences (CSS) Minor

Students who minor in Crop and Soil Sciences (CSS) will gain essential knowledge about crop and soil science and their management in agricultural systems.   The minor is an excellent complement to many majors in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) especially:  Agriculture and Applied Economics, Agricultural Extension Education, Animal and Poultry Sciences, Dairy Science, and Horticulture.  Outside CALS, the minor would be a great match for students majoring in Biology or anyone who may want to learn more about Agriculture and the production of crops that are used to feed the world.

2015 CSS Minor Checksheet

2016 CSS Minor Checksheet

2017 CSS Minor Checksheet

If you are interested in pursuing the Crop & Soil Sciences minor, please contact Dr. Ben Tracy. Please print out this form, fill in the section on adding a minor and bring the form to Dr. Tracy to sign.

Turfgrass Management Minor

The Minor in Turfgrass Management is an excellent complement for students preparing for careers in Landscape Contracting, Landscape Architecture, Agricultural Education, Agricultural Extension, Agribusiness Management, or Hospitality and Tourism Management. The U.S. Turfgrass Industry covers over 50 million managed acres of lawns, parks, cemeteries, public and private athletic fields, golf courses, and roadsides with an annual $50 billion economic impact. Turf is more than mowing and agronomics, it is big business, offering career opportunities with corporations that specialize in plant protectants, fertilizers, seed, sod, landscaping equipment, and multiple-facility property management.    

2015 Turfgrass Management Minor Checksheet

2016 Turfgrass Management Minor Checksheet

2017 Turfgrass Management Minor Checksheet

If interested in pursuing the Turfgrass Management minor, please contact Dr. Erik Ervin. Please print out this form, fill in the section on adding a minor and bring the form to Dr. Ervin to sign.

CSS Undergraduate Program Director:

Dr. Ben Tracy

Dr. Ben Tracy
Crop & Soil Sciences
335 Smyth Hall
(540) 231-8259

Turfgrass Management Minor Contact:

Erik Ervin

Dr. Erik Ervin
Turfgrass Management
339 Smyth Hall
(540) 231-5208

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