The Virginia Tech Turf Club was founded in the 1990’s with the purpose of promoting professionalism and collegiality among students in CSES and AT programs with an interest in careers in the turfgrass industry. The Club’s primary activities are competing in two Quiz Bowls, held each year at the national Sports Turf Manager’s Association (STMA) and Golf Course Superintendent’s Association of America (GCSAA) educational conferences and trade shows. Both competitions involve student teams of 4 taking a four-hour test together. The STMA competition is in January, with the GCSAA one being held each February. During the fall semester club members who wish to make a competitive team study weekly with Turf Club Advisors, Dr. Erik Ervin and Sam Doak, and select graduate student coaches. The GCSAA event is quite large and competitive with approximately 85 teams from over 50 universities and community colleges squaring off. The STMA event is smaller with about 40 teams competing; in 2014 we finished 2nd!

Other Turf Club activities include fundraising by hosting the annual Turfgrass Field Day golf tournament (end of August) and selling VT Turf shirts and hats at various events. Periodically, we have cook-outs at the Turfgrass Research Center and host speakers.

Meets first Tuesday of each month at 6pm at the Turfgrass Research Center pavilion

STMA Turf Team 2014
??STMA 2014 National Conference in San Antonio Texas-- 2nd Place Team in Student Challenge

Faculty Advisor

Erik Ervin

Erik Ervin
(540) 231-5208