The Soil Judging Team meets weekly each semester and plans activities, fundraising, service, and field trips to train a team to compete in the Southeast Region of the Soil Science Society of America regional and national soil judging contests. The group raises funds by requests for donations to help defray the cost of equipment, lodging, travel, and uniforms to compete in two week-long judging events. A student can be a member of the team without signing up for a class, but the two courses that help students develop their soil description, evaluation, and classification skills are CSES 3144: Soils offered in the fall and CSES 4134: Soil Genesis and Classification offered in the spring. You can read more about Southeast Region Soil Judging, including a history of champions, on the web site, along with a slideshow (PDF) detailing what a soil description and classification entails. Example of a soil judging pit.

The meeting schedule is flexible (see attachment for meeting times and locations, but subject to change)
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Faculty Advisor

John Galbraith

John M. Galbraith
(540) 231-9784

Student Officers

Samuel Withers

Cameron Bermand

Elizabeth Gray

Sabrina Vladu

Event Coordinator
Ben Smith