Welcome to the Department of Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences! We strive to create a positive and creative learning environment for our students. We have dedicated faculty and staff who provide individual advising and equip our students for regional and global professions. Our goal is to make your experience with Virginia Tech and the Department of Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences one that will prepare you for an exciting future. 

The Department of Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences (CSES) offers two undergraduate majors:  Crop and Soil Sciences (CSS) and Environmental Science (ENSC). Both programs integrate the biological and physical sciences to give our students a detailed knowledge of food production systems and human impacts on our environment.

Crop and Soil Sciences 

The Crop and Soil Sciences program is focused on sustainable means of crop production, utilization of soils, and stewardship of the environment. It is concerned with feeding the world, protecting the environment, and producing quality turfgrass.  Graduates can prepare themselves for careers ranging from integrated pest management to international development, from environmental legislation to biotechnology, from crop production to city planning.


  • Agronomy – Learn about the biology and technology of sustainable food, feed, and fiber production.
  • Crop Genetics & Breeding – Learn how to produce better quality and higher yielding crops using classical and molecular approaches to plant improvement.
  • International Agriculture – Learn how to bring population, food production and resource conservation into balance to improve food security in developing countries.
  • Turfgrass Management – Learn about golf course, athletic field, sod production, lawn and landscape management.

Environmental Science

The Environmental Science program emphasizes ecosystem function and protection, land-use planning, waste management, water quality, recycling, decontamination, revegetation of disturbed sites, and agriculture's impacts on the environment.


  • Land, Water, and Air – Learn how to measure, prevent, and reverse the damage caused by pollution of land, water, and air resources.
  • Water Science and Quality – Understand how to protect the quality of a key ecosystem resource: fresh water, which is already dangerously depleted or degraded in many parts of the world.
  • Land Restoration and Management – Intelligent use of our landscapes: The land’s capacity to support human activities such as agriculture, development and waste disposal.

As a student in the Department of Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences, you can count on quality academic programs relevant for today and tomorrow, opportunities for involvement and experience, and individual and personal attention.

Undergraduate Program Directors:

Dr. Ben Tracy

Dr. Ben Tracy
Crop & Soil Sciences
335 Smyth Hall
(540) 231-8259

Matt Eick

Dr. Matt Eick
Environmental Sciences
236 Smyth Hall
(540) 231-8943

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