Ways to Get Experience
Employers want to see more than a degree on your resume. Find out how to get experience while in college and click on the following links for specific information for CSES students:

Skills and Certifications
Find out the skills and certifications that can be helpful to have obtained before applying for jobs. These are skills and certifications that you may not necessarily gain through your coursework.
, Cover Letter, and Interviewing
In order to get a job or internship, you usually have to send in an application and interview. Make sure your materials and interviewing skills are up to par!
Top Tips for your Job Search

Your individual job search strategy needs to be tailored to your individual situation. The following tips apply to everyone, whether you are seeking an internship, co-op or permanent position, whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student.

Networking is the number one way people find jobs and internships. Be sure to notify your personal network, including family, friends, professors, classmates, etc. about your career interests. Click on the link to find out more about how to network your way to a job.
Professional Societies and Associations

There are professional societies and associations for every field and many that are related to Crop and Soil Sciences and Environmental Science. We encourage you to learn more about these associations and if possible, attend or even present at a conference. Oftentimes there are student rates and you could even ask about attending a conference for free or volunteer to help out. Also a great way to network with others in the field!

This is the VT main database for employment across the University. Students should post their resume here – employers new to VT often start here and search for student resumes via this database.
Career Fairs
There are various career fairs at Virginia Tech that offer many different opportunities for student employment, both internships and jobs after graduation. Visit the individual webpages for each career fair for more information such as dates, locations, and companies attending.
General Job and Internship Websites

There are many job and internship websites available and here is an extensive list in one place. Definitely sign up for Career Shift, one of the most comprehensive online job search sites out there.
Job listings of interest to ENSC majors
Job listings of interest to CSS majors
International Career Search
Extensive online resources are available for the student seeking an international career. Career Services has purchased this resource for VT students to search for international positions. “Going Global” can be accessed by VT’s PID/Password. Read the information regarding H-1B database.
Negotiating Salary

Negotiating salary can be a difficult conversation but one you must know how to handle. Check out this link to find out tips and strategies so you are prepared if the topic comes up in an interview or when it comes up once hired.

For Career Assistance Contact:

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