CSES Travel Authorization (TA) form

Travel must be authorized before domestic or international travel occurs. The traveler should complete the attached form well in advance of travel if at all possible, and E-mail the completed form to Amanda Bennett (vtmanda@vt.edu).  Once the information is entered in the Travel Expense Management (TEM) system, the traveler will receive an E-mail and must click the “workflow” link.  Next select “approve” and “complete” before leaving on the trip.

CSES Blanket Travel Authorization (BTA) Form

To avoid completing multiple TA forms when traveling routinely to the same destination(s), the traveler can complete the CSES Blanket Travel Authorization form (BTA).  Statewide routine travel is a good use of this form.  The time span listed on the form can be up to one year, and monies will be encumbered from the fund listed on the form.  A separate BTA must be completed for each traveler even if several are using the same fund number.   Each reimbursement processed from the BTA will deduct from the encumbrance.   Contact Amanda Bennett (vtmanda@vt.edu) or Judy Keister (jkeister@vt.edu) if you have questions regarding how this works.

CSES Travel Reimbursement (TR) Form

Once the traveler returns, he/she should promptly complete the TR form and E-mail to Amanda Bennett  (vtmanda@vt.edu).  A scan or pic of the receipts must also be attached.  Original receipts must be provided as soon as possible for auditing purposes but are not required to process reimbursement.  Once information is entered in the TEM system, the traveler will receive an E-mail.  The traveler should click the “workflow” link.  Next select “approve” and “complete.”  This will route the document to the final authorized approver.