CSES Faculty 2013

The Department of Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences is home for 25 faculty members on the Blacksburg campus and 6 faculty located at Research and Extension Centers throughout Virginia. More than 250 undergraduates and more than 60 graduate students are enrolled in degree programs within the department. Faculty in our department bring in more than $4 million in sponsored research each year. The department features strong research and outreach programs in agronomy, crop improvement, breeding, and genomics; and environmental science.

Our Vision

The Department of Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences at Virginia Tech strives for pre-eminence in teaching, research, extension, and outreach to provide sustainable ecosystem management and improved environmental quality.  We integrate sciences to deliver comprehensive solutions to the agricultural and environmental challenges of today and tomorrow.

Our Values

We value and reward excellence, integrity, respect, collegiality, effective communication, and resource stewardship.  These values are essential to meet the land grant university’s commitment to the Commonwealth, the nation, and the global community.

Our Mission

We will meet the land-grant mission of Virginia Tech by improving crop plants for human use, increasing knowledge about human impacts on the environment, and enhancing sustainable practices in crop production and land use through education, research, and outreach.