The Virginia Tech Soil Testing Laboratory in the Department of Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences is part of Virginia Cooperative Extension. For more than 70 years it has provided soil testing and accurate recommendations for lime and fertilizer. The lab tests more than 50,000 soil samples annually for farmers and urban clients. We strive to continuously improve the lab and its services, including improved lime recommendations, updating the website (, and updating publications related to soil sampling and testing.

  The latest improvement is the ability to e-mail recommendations directly to clients. The lab typically processes a sample for a routine soil fertility analysis within 3 to 5 business days; however the need to mail results adds several days.  With this improvement, we are now able to send results immediately after the report is generated. We are glad to announce that this e-mailing system is now live!

Another upcoming enhancement is that homeowners, landscapers and farmers will be able to order soil sample boxes on-line.  Samples must be submitted in these uniform containers.  These soil boxes may still be obtained from local Virginia Cooperative Extension offices at no charge. However, customers will soon have the convenience of going to the lab’s website to order boxes for the price of shipping and handling. Clients are still encouraged to contact their local Virginia Cooperative Extension agent for help with interpreting soil test results.