A. Ozzie Abaye Forages and Alternative Crops
Greg Evanylo Biosolids, composting, soil and water quality
John Fike Forage-livestock, silvopasture, and enery-cropping systems
W. Hunter Frame Field crops
John M. Galbraith Diversified soils training
Mike Goatley Jr. Turfgrass agroecosystem management
David Holshouser Soybean agroecosystem management
Roy Maguire Nutrient Management
T. David Reed Extension Agronomist, tobacco
Mark Reiter Nutrient and soil, management of vegetable and field crops
Wade Thomason Corn and small grain ecosystems and management
Ben F. Tracy Grassland ecosystem management
Carol Wilkinson Tobacco breeding and genetics
Carl E. Zipper Environmental science, water quality, and land restoration